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Founded by Savannah & Sienna Miller

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Twenty8twelve Fashion Label by Savannah & Sienna Miller

Twenty8Twelve – Fashion’s Family Affair

Twenty8Twelve is a designer women’s clothing label by sister-duo Savannah and Sienna Miller. Both girls are joint chief designers and executives making the label a true family affair.. Savannah is the trained designer of the two, attending St. Martins design school in London. She has worked alongside the likes of Alexander McQueen and Matthew Williams. On the other hand, Sienna is the muse for the brand, often modelling part of the collection herself; her lack of design skill is said to give her limitless freedom of ideas, which can are reigned in by Savannah to create a shared aesthetic. The brand is accessible to all ages of women and all budgets, making the brand a huge success since its launch in 2007.

Twenty8twelve Fashion Label by Savannah & Sienna Miller

Savannah and Sienna Miller

At the start of 2011, Twenty8Twelve was sold in 110 locations worldwide, a full list of which can be found on their website. This includes various online and in-store concessions worldwide and three standalone stores in the trendiest parts of London: Covent Garden, Westfield Centre and Notting Hill.

A Brief History of Twenty8Twelve

Twenty8Twelve started out as a women’s clothing only brand. However, due to almost instant success, lingerie and handbags were soon added to the collection. As at the start of 2011, Twenty8Twelve was into their 11th season collection. Despite receiving a good reception from critics, the sisters decided against a catwalk show for February’s London Fashion Week.

Twenty8Twelve is a youthful brand, which has come a very long way from the days when, as children, Savannah would make Halloween costumes for her younger sister Sienna.

  • 2004: Savannah graduated from the prestigious St Martins College of art and design. The sisters moved in together and began working on fashion designs of their own.
  • End of 2006: Pepe Jeans asked the sisters to create a miniature line for the company. Impressed with the results, Spanish owner Carlos Ortega decided to back the two-some financially and Twenty8Twelve was born as a full-time label.
  • February 2007: Twenty8Twelve is launched as a full-time fashion label.
  • July 2007: Twenty8Twelve debuts its first collection, An Anthology of Rebellion, at the Gramercy Hotel in New York. It impressed critics with its range of ditzy florals, pastel dresses and signature leather jackets.
  • 2009: Twenty8Twelve seal a signficant sponsorship deal with LG Electronics and the LG Chocolate mobile phone was modelled on the catwalk show of Twenty8Twelve’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection.
  • March 2011: Twenty8Twelve launches its Spring/Summer 2011 collection at an innovative pop-up store in Selfridges London.

Inspiration for the Twenty8Twelve ‘Look’

The name Twenty8Twelve has personal inspirations as it is Sienna Miller’s birthday. Savannah regularly posts blogs on the Twenty8Twelve website chronicling the influences for the most recent collections. The sisters produce each collection with the aim that there is something suitable for all generations of women. The Twenty8Twelve woman doesn’t necessarily follow trends and instead uses their clothing to express their personality. This is reflected in the diverse collections consisting of varied fabrics and inspirations. Past collections have seen Victorian influences, androgynous power dressing, Parisian boho chic, and modern sportswear – but the rock chick aesthetic and modern tailoring is ever present as are the signature leather jackets.

Twenty8twelve Fashion Label by Savannah & Sienna Miller

Twenty8twelve Fashion Label by Savannah & Sienna Miller


Sisterly Love – Twenty8Twelve’s Charitable Acts

Twenty8Twelve is a brand that likes to use its influence to help people. In the past, the label has created a Splashmac Poncho along with 3 other iconic designers: PPQ, James Long and Christopher Kane. All profits from sales of the Poncho went to support the Teenage Cancer Trust. Additionally, as of the start of 2011, Savannah is championing a campaign by BCR Global Textiles and Breast Cancer Campaign, to get people to recycle their unwanted clothing. For every ton of clothing that is recycled, £200 will go to the Breast Cancer Campaign research program.



Twenty8Twelve: Innovative Promotions

Twenty8Twelve are pioneers in innovative ways to promote their brand. For a 2009 campaign, a film was produced with the sole purpose of promoting their next collection. Starring Sienna herself and Swedish model Sara Blomqvist, the film was directed by fashion photographer Angelo Penetta and showed the models in various pieces of the collection in the grand Gloucestershire house of style icon Isabella Hilles, who committed suicide in the property in 2007. The film can be viewed on the company’s website.

Also on the website is a well photographed look book, starring Sienna herself and a series of archived pieces to see how older pieces can be worn for maximum impact. An additional section shows Twenty8Twelve patrons on the street in their Twenty8Twelve items, making the brand more accessible to any potential patrons.

The most recent innovation occurred in March 2011, when they launched their Spring/Summer 2011 in an unusual pop-up store in Selfridges, London. The collection was launched in a fairground themed space, complete with candyfloss, free drinks and a live DJ.

‘I saw Giffords Circus in the summer and I just loved it. It’s hard to make a pop-up shop unique and it’s always nice to do something a bit kooky.’ – Savannah Miller

The Future of Twenty8Twelve

The Spring/Summer 2012 collection will be the last one for sisters, Savannah and Sienna Miller at the helm of Twenty8Twelve – the duo announced in January 2012 that they would be stepping down from the label they founded in 2007. In a statement to WWD, the sisters said: ‘We’ve had a brilliant six years at Twenty8Twelve and are now looking forward to new pastures. We wish the brand the best of luck for the future.’

The label will continue on under the name ‘Twenty8Twelve London’ rather that Twenty8Twelve by S.Miller as it was previously known. Starting afresh with the Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 that showed at London Fashion Week in February 2012, with a collection by Vanessa James and Elsa Elphick, two members of the original design team.

Twenty8twelve Fashion Label by Savannah & Sienna Miller
Savannah and Sienna when they were little ones

Twenty8twelve Fashion Label by Savannah & Sienna Miller

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