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The Ted Baker Fashion Label: A Detailed Brand History

The Ted Baker brand has expanded rapidly since its beginnings as a dedicated Menswear label in Glasgow in 1987. As of 2011, Ted Baker offers a range of clothing collections, including menswear, womenswear, childrenswear, lingerie, fragrance and skincare products , footwear, eyewear, and watches.

Ted Baker has a diverse range of spin-off brand names under its umbrella. Within menswear, there are at least 6 different lines including Mainline, Endurance, Archive, Pashion, Global and Born. For the females, the choice includes Mainline and Langley.

The brand has a portfolio of stores in the UK, the USA, Continental Europe, the Middle East and Asia and is also present in leading department stores, including John Lewis and House of Fraser.

  • 1987: Ted Baker is founded as a menswear brand in Glasgow by Raymond Kelvin, who remains as CEO of the brand.
  • 1988: The first Ted Baker store opens in Glasgow, quickly followed by King Street, Manchester and Nottingham Exchange Arcade offering a collection of men’s dress shirts. Early Ted baker stores offered a laundry service for each shirt purchased.
  • 1990: The first London store opens in Covent Garden and Raymond Kelvin purchases the company outright from then part-owners Goldberg and Sons.
  • 1993: The brand opens stores in Soho, London, Leeds Victoria Quarter and Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham.
  • 1994: The Ted Baker wholesale business, known as Ted Baker Trustees, is launched in the UK, entrusting the brand to hand-picked partners.
  • 1995: Ted Baker expands beyond men’s clothing into the realm of womenswear.
  • 1996: The Ted Baker Trustee initiative goes international with wholesale trading in the USA at the trade festival Magic 1996. Additionally the ‘Teddy Boy’ collection, the childrenswear line for boys, is launched and the first standalone womenswear store opens in Nottingham.
  • 1997: Ted Baker becomes a public company, Ted Baker PLC, trading as under the name, ‘No Ordinary Designer Label Limited’.
  • 1998: The first American standalone store opens in New York, and the Ted Baker website is launched. Also this year, the skinwear and underwear ranges are launched.
  • 1999: The e-commerce store is launched and the first store in Stockholm, Sweden opens.
  • 2000: The Ted Baker Footwear and ‘Teddy Girl’, the childrenswear line for girls, collections are launched. Additionally, the Ted Baker Trustees initiative expands with the signing of a licensing agreement with the US Hartmarx Corp. Brand expansion continues with new stores in Birmingham, Richmond, Canary Wharf and King’s Road, London.
  • 2001: The Ted Baker sunglasses and eyewear collections are launched and a licence agreement is signed with Pentland for Ted Baker Footwear. The brand opened their first airport store at Gatwick Airport and Ted Baker is stocked for the first time in Bloomingdale’s in New York.
  • 2002: A new Ted Baker flagship store opens in Covent Garden as well as further standalone stores in Heathrow Airport, Paris, San Jose and Miami. Ted Baker watches and home wear collections is launched, as are two new fragrances ‘M’ and ‘W’.
  • 2003: The brand’s luxury collection, ‘Global’, was launched along with its own limited edition fragrance of the same name.
  • 2004: Ted Baker launches in Australia and New Zealand, as well as opening new stores in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Regent St, London, Stansted airport and Guildford.
  • 2005: The Ted Baker Bodywear collection including a range of shampoo’s, body washes and mositurisers, is launched exclusively to Boots. New licensing agreements were signed for Asia and the Middle East. Additionally, there was further brand expansion in the US with store openings in Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York.
  • 2007: The childrenswear collection with Debenhams, Baker by Ted Baker, is launched as is a jewellery line and two mobile phones – The Button and The Needle. Additionally, eleven new locations were unveiled overseas, including  stores in Dublin, Melbourne, and Miami
  • 2008: Ted baker celebrates 20 years in fashion and opens a concept store, ‘Ted Baker and Friends’ launched in Cheapside, London. The store includes a barber, a shoe shining service, and a virtual concierge. Also in 2008, Ted Baker was awarded ‘Superbrand’ status, meaning Ted Baker is considered one of the top 500 brands in the UK. Ted Baker opens their first store in Greece in Athens, and eight further standalone stores throughout the UK.
  • 2010: B by Ted Baker is launched, a lingerie collection that’s created exclusively for department store Debenhams
  • March 2011: Ted Baker teams up with the UK’s largest cereal brand, Special K, to create a little red dress, the ‘Betsi’ for Special K consumers.
  • April 2011: Ted Baker launches a line of wedding-inspired collectables to commemorate the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, named ‘Better Kate Then Never’. The limited edition line includes boxer shorts, scarves, purses, mugs and figurines.

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Ted Baker Marketing

Ted Baker is a brand that has never used a conventional advertising campaign, instead deciding to promote the brand primarily by word of mouth and unusual marketing strategies. Marketing stunts have included giving away packets of Paxo stuffing at Christmas, a can of chocolate bunny hotpot for Easter, Roy of the Rovers style football cards for the 2006 football World-Cup, and giving out Ted Baker branded condoms within its stores.

Future of Ted Baker

The financial future of Ted Baker looks secure. Group revenue for the 52 weeks ended 29 January 2011 increased by 14.7% to £187.7m (2010: £163.6m) and the composite gross margin increased to 61.7% (2010: 61.1%). Profit before tax increased by 24.2% to £24.2m (2010: £19.5m) and basic earnings per share increased by 27.3% to 41.5p (2010: 32.6p). However the brand anticipates that 2011 may be a difficult year, given the current economic climate, which includes a rise in the cost of raw materials, therefore narrowing margins.

In 2011, Ted Baker plans on continuing its global brand expansion with the opening of a store in Auckland, New Zealand. Additionally, the popularity of British fashion brands in Asia has encouraged Ted Baker to open its first store in China. The brand will open a 3,000 sq ft outlet in Beijing in the second half of 2011, following the lead of fellow British brands, Burberry and Mulberry, both of which have benefited from growing disposable income in China.

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