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Sefton London boutique stores and clothing  label

Founded in 1999 by Ben Elsdale

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Sefton Fashion - London Boutique Shop and Label

An Introduction to Sefton

The first Sefton boutique was opened in 1999, by founder Ben Elsdale on Upper Street, Islington in London. Elsdale noticed that, at the time, Islington was an up and coming location in the London fashion scene. He saw that there was a need for a unique and independent fashion store to cater for the increasing stylish, young professionals moving into the area. The Sefton boutique was re-launched in 2003 when menswear and womenswear split into two branches as the business underwent expansion. The womenswear collections moved into a shop across the street.


Sefton: The Brand Ethos

Sefton are a brand and a boutique with strong fashion-forward ethos to stock the very best of their favourite designers. Sefton stocks menswear, womenswear andaccessories from the must have designers of the season. Contemporary classics from well known international designers are stocked alongside exclusive pieces from new, design labels. Sefton also has its own line of menswear. Menswear buyer, Chris Fisher, stated that at Sefton, they realised that by interpreting their customers needs they could produce well crafted and high quality knitwear and accessories from some of the major factories that supply the other designers they carry. This eclectic mix makes the Sefton boutiques, one of London’s most influential boutique shops. Seftons was named as one of the top 50 boutiques to visit in London by Time Out.

Sefton Women's Fashion - London Boutique Shop and Label

Stocked in Sefton: Delectable Designers

Both Sefton boutiques stock a wide selection of the must have designers, both British and international. Some brands, such as the up and coming Potlock and Walsh are completely exclusive to Sefton, which makes them a must stop shop for the fashion forward youth of London. Influential brands include: Twenty8Twelve, Ymc Vivian Westwood Red Label, Barbour, D&G and Levis. Menswear buyer, Chris Fisher has identified some of the key labels that Sefton stocks:

  • Commes des Garçons: a high-end fashion line created by Rei KawaKubo, consists of rustic denim inspired by rustic peasantry, Rolling Stones inspired print tees, metallic flecked tweeds and floral motif dresses. Celebrity fans include, Debbie Harry, Katie Holmes, Ashley Olsen, Kanye West and Muse’s Matt Bellamy.
  • Acne: a Swedish brand, began its meteoric rise into the fashion world as a pioneer in the denim industry. They initially created 100 pairs of unisex jeans, which featured in Swedish Elle magazine, and soon after in many of the country’s leading boutiques. Acne is a brand that has now reached cult status, known for their clean shapes and well tailored garments in a mostly neutral colour palette.

For a full list of designers stocked at Sefton, see their website, which is operated by Far Fetch. Sefton are always on the look out for new brands to add to their site and often conduct surveys to find out what their customers want and require.

Sefton Men's Fashion - London Boutique Shop and Label

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