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Vibrant Prints and Exquisite Embellishments

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After a stint designing at Lanvin, Edinburgh-born Holly Fulton burst onto the fashion scene in early 2009 with the debut of her Autumn/Winter 2009 collection at London Fashion Week. The explosion of colour, art deco styling and graphic prints, were a breath of fresh air against the muted palettes of fellow designers. Since that debut, the Holly Fulton fashion brand has grown in popularity and is often featured on the pages of British and Italian Vogue, developing a reputation for the finest use of graphic prints, Swarovski embellishments and statement jewellery.

As ever, the Spring/Summer 2012 collection from Holly Fulton has a detailed narrative that can be seen throughout. This time the narrative   follows the woman who, having blown her annual budget, takes a holiday a little closer to home – full of holiday spirit and dressed for Vegas she heads off for Margate. With handbag at the ready to collect any winnings, she indulges in the pleasures of the fruit machines and casinos. She isn’t adverse to a donkey ride as the bathing belle, and frolics in the gaudy neon lights come nightfall.

The Summer collection draws inspiration from Slim Aarons’ photographs of America’s poolside scene of the 1970s and Margate’s Deco Lido. The colour palette features a full spectrum of hues from soft pastels, through to vibrant colour pops mixed with monocrome chessboards and checks. With a nod to Pucci and Versace of the early 1990s, the Holly Fulton signature art deco prints are layered and embellished, while shell encrusted jewellery and bags create a look reminiscent of seaside souvenirs.

The collection consists of chic shift dresses, exquisitely tailored wide-legged trousers, light summer jackets in a variety of shapes and cruise-worthy swimwear. So without any further delay, we present the Spring/Summer 2012 collection from Holly Fulton…Enjoy!

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 01

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 02Holly Fulton Summer 2012 03

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 04

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 05Holly Fulton Summer 2012 06

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 07

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 08Holly Fulton Summer 2012 09

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 10

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 11Holly Fulton Summer 2012 12

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 13

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 14Holly Fulton Summer 2012 15

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 16

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 17Holly Fulton Summer 2012 18

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 19

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 20Holly Fulton Summer 2012 21

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 22

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 23Holly Fulton Summer 2012 24

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 25

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 26Holly Fulton Summer 2012 27

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 28

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 29Holly Fulton Summer 2012 30

Holly Fulton Summer 2012 31

Visit the official Holly Fulton website, here.

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