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D.S. Dundee – Quality British Fashion

Founded by Jim Pickles and Oliver Pilcher

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D.S. Dundee Fashion Label

D.S. Dundee Designer Men's Fashion - British Clothing

Introduction to the D.S. Dundee Brand

D.S. Dundee is British heritage-wear label, with a focus on local production. When the brand was founded in 1994 by business partners Jim Pickles and Oliver Pilcher, it was as a streetwear brand. Oliver had already been designing clothing throughout his time at university; learning from his mother’s clothing mail order business. The pair would produce small runs of their own streetwear designs and take them into small boutiques in Edinburgh and Glasgow to try to sell.

After 5 years in business, the pair disbanded and Oliver began a new life as a travel, fashion and lifestyle photographer, while Jim worked as an English teacher in Japan and then for the Royal Bank of Scotland, carrying out fraud investigation work. In 2006 the pair decided it was time to re-launch the brand, this time in a completely different direction from the streetwear clothing they initially produced. This time round, they wanted to create something very special and unique; a clothing line that was hard-wearing, classic and contemporary. The result was a brand of beautifully made, tailored clothes for men, deeply rooted in heritage, but with a contemporary edge. Oliver and Jim began designing together before appointing Elizabeth Reeds as senior designer in 2008, who has previously worked for Dunhill, Polo and Aquascutum

As of 2011, the brand was sold in many boutiques throughout the world including New York’s Brooklyn Denim Co., Berlin’s Truffelschwein and England’s Peggs & Sons as well throughout a D.S. Dundee standalone store on London’s Lamb Street and e-commerce store.

D.S. Dundee Designer Men's Fashion - British Clothing

Inspiration and Aesthetic of the D.S. Dundee Brand

“He’s [the D.S. Dundee Man] a dapper gentleman with a rugged edge. Think Daniel Day Lewis at his most dashing.” – Oliver Pilcher.

Although originally founded as a streetwear brand, D.S. Dundee is now primarily influenced by Scottish textile history and traditional country style. British heritage remains at the core of the brand and collections continue to be fabric driven. Inspiration comes from a wide range of sources including photographs taken by Oliver and vintage garments. The design duo constantly research in libraries and archives to help develop the D.S. Dundee collections and to create the heritage workwear that is practical, traditional and unfussy, which their customers expect.

Local production is of paramount importance to the brand and bar tailoring, which is made in Portugal, all D.S. Dundee products are made in the UK. Shirting is made at Rayner & Sturges in Kent, outerwear in London, the knits in Hawick, Scotland, umbrellas at Fox Umbrellas in Surrey and boots at Cheaney in Northampton.  Wherever possible, UK fabrics are used, but much of their cottons also come from Italy.

D.S. Dundee Designer Men's Fashion - British Clothing

Future of D.S. Dundee Fashion Label

Since its reformation in 2006, D.S. Dundee has been growing steadily. In the next few years, the brand hopes to open another store in London and expand into America. Furthermore, D.S. Dundee has hopes of creating a womenswear brand and their own whisky, but at the moment they are taking things one step at a time.

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