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Cutler and Gross take us to 1960’s Hong Kong

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Since its inception in 1969 by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross, eyewear label ‘Cutler and Gross’ have developed a sterling reputation for producing quality hand-made glasses frames in unique styles. Cutler and Gross really is a pioneering eyewear brand, one of the original few that took eyewear beyond a medical necessity, and to a fashion accessory that makes a statement. Their client base transcends all generations, and with 900-plus styles in their archive, there is something to suit every need.

Each Cutler and Gross seasonal collection transports us into an alluring and passionate tale, and the Spring/Summer 2012 collection is no exception. Entitled, ‘Hong Kong Love Story’, the collection is inspired by forbidden love in early 1960’s Hong Kong : –

He was a broken-hearted journalist, she a beautiful but world-weary young married secretary, neglected by her work-obsessed husband. The couple met by chance in Hong Kong, simply by walking past each other to their different apartments. Cupid’s arrow aimed precisely at the two lost souls and they fell instantly in love. As time went by she became more fearless with her style and more beautiful and alluring by wearing stronger colours and patterned cheongsams. He also became more dapper and more protective towards her. – Words by Cutler and Gross.

For the Spring/Summer 2012 seasonal offering, Cutler and Gross have created unique shapes and frames, which bring to mind thoughts of Chinese engravings, jasmine tea and blossoming mango and lychee trees – The far eastern inspired colour palette features Rose Chinoise” a beautiful soft pink, vibrant “China Blue”, “Veneer”, and “Lychee”. The entire collection is made to the high standard that Cutler and Gross is well known for, with stand out pieces including the ‘1053’ frames which feature a signature intricate engraved acetate; and the ‘1055’ frames with stunning filigree etched metal work on the brow bar of the aviator style shades.

Thanks to our friends at the fabulous EyeGoodies for the images and help on out little post – make sure to follow the link and give them a visit for all of your eyewear needs, you wont find a more extensive collection of designer opticals anywhere else.

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Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 01Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 02

Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 03Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 04

Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 05Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 06

Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 07Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 08

Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 09Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 10

Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 11Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 12

Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 13Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 14

Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 15Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 16

Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 17Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 18

Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 19Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 20

Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 21Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 22

Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 23Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 24

Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 25Cutler and Gross Summer 2012 26

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