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Cutler and Gross Eyewear

Cutler and Gross gave themselves a hard act to follow with their ‘An officer and a Mermaid’ campaign for their Spring/Summer 2011 eyewear collection, but it is safe to say that they have stepped up the the mark for their Autumn/Winter 2011 campaign.

Autumn Winter 2011 Lookbook 01

Words by Cutler and Gross:

Taking its inspiration from the most ancient customs of winter, with their traditions steeped in the folklore of ancient winter solstice rites, Cutler & Gross’ collection turns the seasonal frost into a veritable saturnalia, a hedonistic celebration of warmth and pleasure in the middle of cold dark nights.

Dating back to the earliest civilizations, each culture beset by the cold winters of the northern hemisphere has added its own traditions and rituals to the marking of the onset of winter and midwinter itself which has re- turned with predictable regularity since the beginning of time.

Autumn Winter 2011 Lookbook 02

It’s with a suitably nostalgic glint in its eye that Cutler & Gross has focused on the cheery comfort of Christmas and boisterous fun of Halloween as a remedy for the winter blues. Maybe sentimental, perhaps even a little cheesy, but both festivities bring an undeniable life-affirming comfort during the dark months with their par- ticular feasts and treats. Halloween’s outdoors trick or treat traipses might send a shiver down our spines as the nights grow icy, but at the end of the evening there’s the cheery warmth of the great indoors. And, before you know it, it’s Christmas with its traditional rituals of cosily huddling around a glowing log fire while outside the falling snow turns the landscape into a magical white wonderland.

Autumn Winter 2011 Lookbook 03

Nostalgia is an essential part of such seasonal celebrations of course. And Cutler & Gross most definitely casts a retro eye over proceedings. The collection of frames, all made to the highest technical standards in cutting- edge contemporary materials most definitely has a vintage feel about it. The colours evoke classic seductive materials such as tortoiseshell and the rich warming tones of cola, The styling of the streamlined frames also brings a sense of tradition and yesteryear whilst being entirely up to date. Their classic feel with a definite sense of Hollywood’s screwball Christmas comedies or dreamy winter love stories, transform. Men become the suave and dashing heroes navigating winter hazards, women, coy and elegant ladies who deserve the warmth that only love can bring to a cold winter. tongue in cheek? Most certainly, as befits our contemporary reality where nothing should be taken too naively or literally. But, where would we be without a certain seasonal hope?

Autumn Winter 2011 Lookbook 03

As the folklore and traditions built up over millennia have taught us, we all need some warming cheer in the depths of winter. And Cutler & Gross’ Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection offers exactly that: as enticingly tactile as a beautifully wrapped gift, it’s exactly what one should wish for this Christmas.Cutler & Gross Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 Collection

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