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Baartmans and Siegel Men's Fashion Label

Baartmans and Siegel Designer Menswear

Introduction to the Baatmans and Seigel Brand

Baartmans and Seigel, the luxury menswear brand, was founded by Wouter Baartmans and Amber Siegel in 2010 after completing their masters at the prestigious London College of Fashion. Both designers spent a number of years working for Victor & Rolf.

Their first collection, Oil Birds/Moonshining Werewolves, was chosen to be stocked in department store Harrods alongside other up and coming young designers J JS Lee, Nicole Murray and Hasan Hejazi. The relationship with Harrods has persisted into to 2011, with the store continuing to stock the new collections of Baartmans and Seigel. In April 2011, London boutique, Luna and Curious (in East London’s Shoreditch) also stocked the brands collections along with a successful Baartmans and Seigel e-commerce site.

Baartmans and Siegel Designer Menswear

Collections of Baartmans and Seigel

As of April 2011, Baartmans and Seigel were into their third season of collections which currently present at Men’s Day at London Fashion Week.

  • Autumn/Winter 2010-2011: The first collection of Baartmans and Seigel, Old Birds/Moonshining Werewolves, was first showcased at graduate fashion week in Baartmans and Seigels separate collections. Oil Birds (Amber Seigel) took influence from transformation of the natural beauty of birds when affected by oil spills, exploring the interaction between wet, matt, shine and texture. Moonshining Werewolves (Wouter Baartmans), was inspired by the great depression in the 1920’s and the emergence of new cinema in America, including the cult classic movie, Wolfman. Warm abstract tones and hairy textures featured heavily in the collection.
  • Spring/Summer 2011: Based on the Jules Verne science fiction novels of the nineteenth century, the ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ collection is an aquatic inspired collection, without the nautical influences, instead taking inspiration from Verne’s Nautilus for colours and materials: a palette of grays, blues and creams. Fabrics are key providing an authenticity to the concept by using a variety of silk, mohair, linen and wool.
  • Autumn/Winter 2011-2012: The Deckard collection was inspired by Ridley Scott’s movie Blade Runner and specifically the character Deckard, which was played by Harrison Ford. The aim is to capture the overall mood of the movie within the collection.

Collaborations of Baartmans and Seigel

Baatmans and Seigel have an on-going collaboration with Dutch based fur company Fur Lab to provide the fur used in the brands collaboration. Fur Lab responsibly sourced all of their fur, which is bred in the Netherlands. Wouter Baartmans has also collaborated with English shoemakers Grenson to create a range of suede-tipped Brogues.

The Future of Baartmans and Seigel

The first two collections were sold exclusively in Harrods; in the future the brand hopes to expand into further retail points and increase the brands international recognition. Expect big things from this talented duo.

To view the recent collections of Baartmans and Seigel, visit the official Baartmans and Seigel website.

Baartmans and Siegel Designer Menswear

Baartmans and Siegel Designer Menswear

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