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An Introduction to the Atalanta Weller shoe brand

Atalanta Weller is a British-born footwear designer and namesake footwear label founded in 2009. After studying a foundation course in Cheltenham, specialising in sculpture,  Atlanta did her BA in footwear at the prestigious Cordwainers College. She gained additional experience working behind the scenes for designers including Bruno Magli, Hugo Boss and John Richmond, as well as many major shoe brands including Clarks.

Atalanta Weller was largely unnoticed by the fashion industry until she began collaborating with British avant-garde designers Henry Holland, Gareth Pugh and Sinha Stanic. Atlanta arrived on the fashion radar when collaborating with Gareth Pugh, customising shoes by shrink-wrapping them before they went on the catwalk. Additionally, when Henry Holland launched House of Holland’s first runway collection, Atalanta was an obvious choice for collaboration due to their mutual attraction to graphic imagery. The result was shoes with high sculptural platforms, black tartan trimmed shoes and haphazard neon lace in abundance. Collaboration with Sinha Stanic followed, as well as other interesting projects, including one-off peices for knitwear designer Craig Lawrence.

Atalanta Weller for House of Holland

Atalanta Weller Shoes Created Exclusively for House of Holland.

Atalanta Weller set up her namesake avant-garde footwear label in 2009, launching her first solo collection for the 2010 Spring/Summer season. Her solo debut was an instant success, receiving the NEWGEN award, which she would receive twice more with her two subsequent collections. Working from an East-London studio in a multi-disciplinary arts complex, the Atalanta Weller label has gone from strength to strength. Atalanta continues to create shoe collections that fuse art and fashion, pushing the boundaries of shoes design. Her unique take on footwear has led to her designs being worn by some of the world’s style icons including Skin from Skunk Anansie, Agyness Deyn and Rihanna.

Atalanta Fashion Shoes 01

A Selection of Shoes From Atalanta Weller’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.

As of 2011, the Atalanta Weller collections were available in some of the world’s most exclusive avant-garde boutiques including London’s The Convenience Store, New York’s Oak, Auckland’s Children of Vision and Hong Kong’s Creatures.

Atalanta Weller: Concepts and Commissions

Alongside her avant-garde shoe creations for designers and her own ready-to wear collection, Atalanta continues to make her own one-off concept pieces as well as specially commissioned pieces. With her concept and commission pieces, Atalanta really pushes the boundaries to create innovative and exaggerated shapes. For example, she has previously created a pair of metal and rubber stilettos out of car parts for an experimental exhibition. Some of her recent concepts and commissions include:-

  • Nicola Roberts: Atalanta Weller created a pair of shoes in collaboration with former Girls Aloud member Nicola Roberts to create the shoe she would wear when she launched her solo career in the spring of 2011. Nicola was very involved in the creative process of the nude and gold shoe with the signature Atalanta Weller sky-high wedge.

Atalanta Weller for Nicola Roberts

Nicola Roberts Wearing and Helping Create the Shoes She Wore to Launch Her Solo Career.

  • The Big Shoes: Pushing the boundaries in height the aptly names ‘Big Shoes’ were Atalanta at her most structural and sculptural. The black and blue foot high wedges are one of Atalanta Weller’s most well known creations.

Atalanta Weller Big Shoes Concept 01Atalanta Weller Big Shoes Concept 02

The Aptly Named Atalanta Weller ‘Big Shoes’.

  • Woven Wonders: The woven ball shoes were created for designer Gareth Pugh. Black and white strips of leather were woven together to create a monochrome, almost digital effect.

Atalanta Weller Woven Wonders Concept Shoes

Atalanta Weller ‘Woven Wonder’ Shoes, Created For Avant-Garde Designer Gareth Pugh.

  • Barbie: In late 2008, the most famous toy on the planet, Barbie celebrated her 50th birthday. Atalanta Weller was commissioned to design shoes in a smaller size than she is usually used to, for Barbie to wear for her birthday celebrations. The result was a futuristic pair of knee high wedges with the signature Atalanta Weller wing tips.

Atalanta Weller Barbie Concept Shoes

Shoes Atalanta Weller Created For Barbie’s 50th Birthday.

Future of the Atalanta Weller Brand

Expect to see more avant-garde one-off collaborations in the future of the label and a reinvention of the signature Atalanta Weller shape, the wedge, for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Atalanta Weller Shoes 02

Designs From Atalanta Weller’s Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection.

Atalanta has no plans to branch into womenswear in the future, because it has been shoes that have always fascinated the designer, due to love of the technical process.

“Shoes are like small sculptural buildings in their own right. I love womenswear, but have never considered doing it myself, I just love the challenge, the technical restrains of footwear. And I enjoy the materials – conventional leather or unconventional wood, plastic and polystyrene!”

Atalanta Weller

Visit the official Atalanta Weller website here.

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