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Alexander Hi Tek – Pioneers in ‘Steampunk’ Fashion

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Introduction to the Alexander Hi Tek Brand

Fashion designer Alexander Tasou, the man behind the Alexander Hi Tek fashion label, began creating his surrealist and industrial themed designs as early as the 1980’s. Alexander’s ‘project’ as he calls it, started with a band in the early 1980’s when he entered the London Clothes Show in Kensington with a collection of unusual and unique Telephone Handbags. Each of the bags featured the receiver of a Bakelite telephone as the handle and the dial as the buckle.

Alexander Hi Tek Fashion Designer

Alexander Tasou, the Fashion Designer Behind the Alexander Hi Tek Brand.

His standout and conceptual designs gained instant attention from buyers and the fashion industry, leading to him to appear on the BBC clothes show. Alexander was approached by buyers from Harrods, where he was given a concession at the Weigh In Department. It was here that he was discovered by Japanese TV station, Fuji TV – after appearing on the TV station he soon gained a huge following throughout Japan for his designs.

A collection of equally successful and equally surreal watches followed his seminal handbag collection. Today a French watch museum, Ville de Besancon, carries a selection of Alexander Hi Tek watches as part of their permanent exhibition. Since his first collections of handbags and watches, the Alexander brand has gone from strength to strength, with many more collections being added to the product range. As of 2011, the Alexander Hi Tek product range consists of menswear, womenswear, men’s and women’s footwear and accessories, eyewear and even a line of futuristic telephones.

Alexander Hi Tek Telephone Handbags

The Now Iconic Alexander Hi Tek Telephone Handbags.

Tasou is very selective about the outlets that can stock his Alexander Hi Tek brand. He believes that isolating certain ranges from his designs weakens the concept which he has spent his life working on. As of 2011, the brand was available globally through a range of carefully chosen boutiques including London’s Saint Best and Cop Copine, Tokyo’s Radd Lounge and Blue’s Inc and Vienna’s Medusa. The brand also has its own successful webstore selling the full collections globally.
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The Birth of ‘Steampunk’ – The Alexander Hi Tek Aesthetic

“I try not to follow any fashion trend or other designers. The more expressive twist has been my style from the beginning; it is the only way I know.”

Alexander Tasou.

Alexander Hi Tek Fashion Menswear

Alexander Tasou is a designer that likes to see things differently, using objects in ways other than their conventional size and use. An example is  using handcuffs as the frame for sunglasses, a blown up corkscrew as a bar stool or a pyramid as a watch case. Inspired by music and his passion for recycling, Alexander’s designs integrate the past, present and future into a style which has been coined ‘Steampunk’. Also referred to as cyberpunk, ‘Steampunk’ evolved from the Victorian era and incorporates prominent features of science fiction, fantasy and elements of history.

Alexander Hi-Tek is regarded as one of the originators of the ‘Steampunk’ design movement and is known for his quality of craftsmanship. This focus on the simplicity of design has allowed his accessories to appeal the mainstream fashion market as well as those fond of alternative fashion.
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History in the Making – Alexander Hi Tek and The Music Industry

The Alexander Hi Tek brand has a long standing relationship with the music industry. His accessories have been worn by artists, for performances, video shoots or magazine covers. Musical patrons include Natalie Cole, Anita Baker, Yvone Chaka Chaka, Soul to Soul, C & C music Factory, Milli Vanilli, and Take That. Alexander Hi Tek’s most famous musical collaboration came when his designs were discovered by the critically acclaimed film director, Rupert Wainwright who was to direct the short promotional clip for Michael Jackson’s History album. Alexander designed the emblems, and manufactured the leather jackets, waistcoats, mask hats, belts, shoes, boots and sunglasses for the album’s promo video. The promotional video was shown on the big screen in cinemas prior to the album’s release. This wasn’t the Alexander Hi Tek’s only appearance on the big screen – the brand’s designs also featured in the futuristic Sci-Fi movies Judge Dredd and Demolition Man.

The Future of the Alexander Hi Tek Brand

The Alexander Hi Tek brand faced a significant set back in 2002, when Alexander Tasou was involved in a serious accident causing him to be incapacitated until 2007. During these years, he apparently spent his time in seclusion painting and creating sculptures. He has now returned and is committed to making a dramatic return to the fashion world by taking his designs to the next level and increasing the international presence of the Alexander Hi Tek brand. Additionally, plans are in the pipeline to open a series of Hi Tek Cafes, which will stock the entire Alexander Hi Tek product lines.

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Visit the official Alexander Hi Tek website, here.

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