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Suits for the Non-Traditional by Adrien Sauvage and George Lamb.

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Introduction to the Adrien Sauvage Brand

Adrien Sauvage Promotional Advertisment

Born in the Wandsworth area of London in 1983, Adrien Sauvage seemed destined for a career as a professional sportsman. Spotted at a young age as a talented basketball player, Sauvage began playing professionally from the age of 13, even representing Great Britain on an international level. However, despite this promising career with two American college scholarships on the table, Sauvage took early retirement from basketball at just 19 to concentrate on his true passion – being a personal stylist.

Sauvage soon began working as a stylist and personal shopper under the name of Untiled Muse, styling his socially highstanding female clients. He was soon also styling the husbands of his well-to-do clients and decided to move into fashion design when he found he was unable to meet their needs from current available collections. With no formal training in design, Sauvage created looks for his clients combining the tailoring of Savile Row with modern fashion and following his own personal mantra ‘DE’ – Dress Easy.

Adrien Sauvage Menswear Tailoring 01

The Adrien Sauvage Brand is Known for its Equisite Menswear Tailoring.

After some years of being a personal stylist, Adrien Sauvage and George Lamb (TV presenter and radio Host) became good friends after often seeing each other: two tall guys across a crowded room. Their similar heights and build and a common interest in men’s fashion made Lamb the perfect project for Sauvage. Just before George Lamb got into TV in 2008, Sauvage began creating George’s signature look. In 2010 the pair began a new venture, creating the A. Sauvage brand – Sauvage as the designer of the sharply tailored menswear designs and business partner Lamb as the muse, clothes horse and walking advertisement for the brand.

The first collection was instantly successful and immediately picked up by top London stores Harrods and Matches. The collection was accompanied by a photographical campaign, which featured ‘Captains and Natives’ of industry, individuals who would not normally be seen in suits. The campaign was just as popular as his collection and received praise from the fashion press including Vogue, GQ and Esquire.

Adrien Sauvage Menswear Tailoring 02

With Each of His Collections, Adrien Sauvage Follows the Mantra DE – Dress Easy

Inspiration and Aesthetic of the Adrien Sauvage Brand

“His central philosophy is a slam dunk”

The Times.

 When working as a stylist, Adrien found that little of the ready-to-wear clothes available for men would fit his client’s needs. Through this and his friendship with George Lamb, he decided to create something which bridged classic style with current fashion trends. Furthermore, Adrien found that men don’t really change their clothes as often as their female counterparts -instead focusing on long-term staple which stand the test of time.

Adrien Sauvage and George Lamb

The Adrien Sauvage Founders – Adrien Sauvage and George Lamb

The Adrien Sauvage brand puts a fresh spin on men’s suits by creating impeccable fits with great mix-and-match textiles. In his words, he is trying to make it easier for a man to get dressed and be stylish when he walks out the door. The Brand is aware that a lot of guys are not keen to wear accessories to vary the style of the clothes worn. He has therefore combined the classic suit with modern cut and variations. He shortens the jacket and slims down the sleeve leaving enough room for it to be rolled back, giving it a bespoke feel. He keeps the cuts of the designs but is changing the fabrics and textiles, using linen for the summer and heavier wool, cashmere, flannel, and tweed for the winter.

The simplicity and effortless style of Adrien Sauvage menswear has earned the brand a wide range of celebrity fans including Bill Nighy, Alex Turner and Spike Jonze, not the mention George Lamb.

‘This is Not a Suit’ – Innovative Marketing from Adrien Sauvage

The fashion label uses its celebrity contacts to promote the brand and maintain its class and exclusivity. The promotional campaign ‘This is Not a Suit’ is an on-going style project that aims to dispel the preconceived connotations of a suit as the staple of the 9-5 office worker and traditional wedding and funeral attire. Sauvage and Lamb want to champion the suit as a stylish and sophisticated choice that does not have to be associated with formality, rigidity and discomfort.

The first phase of the ‘This is Not a Suit Campaign’ was two photographic campaigns that Sauvage created himself. The first entitles ‘Natives’ saw Sauvage ask the natives of California’s Venice Beach to pick out something from his collection and wear them as they carried out their daily activities while Savage photographed them. The campaign featured all ethnicities, ages and walks of life to challenge the traditional connotations of men’s tailoring.

Adrien Sauvage This is Not a Suit - Natives

Photographs by Sauvage from the ‘Natives’ Campaign

The second photography campaign, entitled ‘Captains’, featured several well-respected British celebrities (known as ‘Captains’) wearing pieces from the Adrien Sauvage collection. Featured celebrities include Bill Nighy, Artic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner and George Lamb himself – all of which were once again photographed by Adrien Sauvage himself. GQ were so impressed with Sauvage’s collection and his photography skills that he was asked to photograph the recent GQ Men Of The Year awards, where celebrities such as Noel Gallagher were wearing the Adrien Sauvage collection.

Adrien Sauvage This is Not a Suit - Captains

Photograhs by Sauvage from the ‘Captain’ Campaign

The most recent phase in the ‘This is Not a Suit’ campaign is the short surrealist film entitled ‘The Art of DE (Dress Easy)’ with Sauvage as writer, producer, director and star of the movie, and George Lamb’s actor father Larry Lamb as the film’s narrator. The film features Savage wearing pieces from his collection with Lamb’s narrative explaining the features and inspirations of each piece.

This is Not A Suit video Campaign

Future of the Adrien Sauvage Brand

I think the man himself says it best:

“I’m not in a rush, I’m not fly-by-night or creating a hype. I want to be around for a while…”

Adrien Sauvage

 Visit the official Adrien Sauvage website here.

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