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London Fashion Review Blog is a British fashion website that aims to bring you the latest from London fashion designers, labels and brands. Our concept is simple – we will feature the best London fashion trends from the nation’s most popular brand names. Up-and-coming designers will also be featured so that you can keep in-the-know with the latest London fashion trends.

London Fashion Review Blog is consistently adding new fashion labels to our fashion directory, including fashion profiles, latest collections by season (whether Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer) for both men and women. Our fashion blog is not limited to just clothing labels – we will feature fashion accessory brands (from sunglasses to footwear) for the complete head-to-toe fashion trend update.

Navigating around London Fashion Review Blog

A good place to start is our London Fashion Directory, which evidently enough, features all our fashion designers, labels and brands. We feature well over 100 UK brands, making us one of the largest dedicated fashion resources in the UK. From here, you can click on designer profiles or view the latest fashion collections.

If you’re not particularly worried about a specific UK fashion label and simply want to view the latest trends – use the below fashion categories table. We categorise all posts under the designer/label name, as well as its broad fashion category.

Other than that, browse away and comment to your hearts content. We love to hear your opinions whether positive or negative. If you love or hate the latest collection- let us know! Your opinion is more than welcome on all fashion posts.

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